2 Steps to Fix “You need to format the disk…”

Out of sudden, my hard disk is not working. It requires to format before I can regain access. It looks like this In this post, "format" refers to Disk formatting*   If you have important data in the hard disk/ thumb drive/ USB hard drive, you probably will not want to format it. So this post... Continue Reading →


Road Trip – Germany (S$1400 x 10 nights)

This time, we did a road trip to Germany and spent 8 Nights doing a road trip. The following are some highlights on how we spent the $1400. Total Spent (Exclude Flight): S$2799 for 2 *Exchange Rate: €1:S$1.584 Car Rental + Fuel: 751 +  325 = S$1076 (for 8 days, we do not rent a... Continue Reading →

Convert to Singapore Driving Licence

What are the steps to convert my Malaysia Licence to International Licence in Singapore? Summarised answer: You need a valid driving licence and pass the BTT in Singapore. Cost ~SGD80 (include BTT, Books, JPJ Letter, Photocopies & Driving Licence) You can simply follow the official website guide here (e.g eligibility and conversion for foreigner - non PR)... Continue Reading →

ROM in Singapore

One Big Event in Life: ROM This post has what you want if you are looking for A complete planning guide (& budget needed) for Registration of Marriage (ROM) Making a ROM different from mainstream Denim vintage theme ROM Malaysian ROM in Singapore Looking for a customize ROM and want to trying something away from... Continue Reading →

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