Convert to Singapore Driving Licence

What are the steps to convert my Malaysia Licence to International Licence in Singapore?
Summarised answer: You need a valid driving licence and pass the BTT in Singapore. Cost ~SGD80 (include BTT, Books, JPJ Letter, Photocopies & Driving Licence)

You can simply follow the official website guide here (e.g eligibility and conversion for foreigner – non PR) and more step by step details will be shared below.

  1. Create an account
  2. Book/Enrol to a Basic Theory Test (BTT)
  3. Preparation of documents (Checklist)
  4. Pass the BTT
  5. Once passed, perform the conversion
  6. License will be mailed to you
  7. Q&A

1. Create an account

If you may ask “Where to get the PIN” or “Where can I get the Login & PIN?”.
Answer: You need to walk in to any of the 3 Traffic Police Test Centres:

Every centre has it’s own date available for the test.

  1. Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
    815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659085
    T: 1800 666 8888
    Earliest Test Date
  2. ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)
    205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805
    T: 6841 8900, 6848 0617
    Earliest Test Date
    Remark: The earliest date is very far from “Today”, likely because it is the closer to North, Central & East.
  3. Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)
    2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387
    T: 6482 6060
    Earliest Test Date
    Remark: There is a branch in Ang Mo Kio, but no account creation/enrolment service, you have to go to the HQ in Woodlands (Nearest MRT: Admiralty)

The centre do not have any photocopy service, see Q&A-Q6 for nearby service

The below map give you an eagle view on the location.
Driving Center

2. Book/Enrol to a Basic Theory Test (BTT)

  • You just need an NRIC to book a test.
    I have picked SSDC because CDC don’t have the date that I want. But the SSDC location is really not so accessible, find your best travel route before go there.
    I used obike to travel around CDC and SSDC 🙂 I am not a frequent user, asked your friend to invite you for free rides, or I don’t mind if you sign up with my invitation code: 2y72541120
  • Once you reached there, they will give you a form to fill up
  • You just tell them that you want to book a date for BTT/ convert the licence.
  • Cost SGD11.85

3. Preparation of Documents (Checklist)

While waiting for the test date, prepare the following documents.
You can get everything listed below done before the test.

  1. passport size photo
    • Coloured with White background
    • taken less than 3 months
  2. PR
    • Original
    • Photocopy (Front & Back)
  3. Current valid Driving Licence
    • Original
    • Photocopy (Front & Back)
  4. Passport
    • Original
    • Photocopy 1st page –  Details
    • Photocopy last page – stamp from ICA
      I got rejected due to missing this photocopy, don’t play play 🙂
  5. Entry Permit
    •  Photocopy (See Q&A-Q5 below for misplaced / lost entry permit)
  6. Re-entry Permit
    • Photocopy (See Q&A-Q4 below for “Is Entry Permit & Re-entry Permit the same?”)
  7. Driving extracts & receipt from JPJ
    • 3 pieces of paper
      1. Confirmation of Malaysian Driving Licence Particulars (see sample)
      2. Type of classes
      3. receipt
    • Cost RM10 (as of June 2017), whatever amount more than that is a scam.
    • Do not go to the JPJ @ UTC, they cannot help! even if they do, the format is wrong.
      I did it in UTC Perak, they gave an extract “Maklumat pemandu dan lesen-lesen dimiliki”, it contains all the information, but is not acceptable by Singapore Traffic Police Department.
      I did it again in UTC Johor, they direct me to go JPJ Johor (at Taman Daya) and I got the letter there.

      A lot of scam there, avoid anybody that try to approach you. They are the so called “jpj runner”, but you don’t need their help.
      Don’t trust them even they said they will be able to help on retain your Malaysia Licence forever. Otherwise, say bye bye to your own money 🙂

    • Original copy will be submitted to the Singapore Traffic Police Department

Actual listing from traffic police department on what and how the conversion can be done.FullSizeRender 2

4. Pass the BTT

1 hour, 50 Multiple choice questions (MCQ) , 45 or more correct answer to pass.
The following is an extract of (New Highway Code – Book 1 pg. 6)

Get the books needed for BTT from Popular or Carousell (keyword:BTT Book)
I have used the following books.

  • New Highway Code (SGD4.90)
  • 480 Questions & Answer (SGD8.00)


Tips: I feel the above books are sufficient to pass the test.

Tips from my friend: If not sure the answer, go for the “safety first” related statement.
I met my friend, and he told me after the BTT, where I think his tips make sense.
Hope this helps.

5. Once passed, perform the conversion
BTT Assignment

Upon attending the test, a paper is given to attend the test (with Station No. & Password)
Tips: Do not throw this away, later you will obtain the stamp from Traffic Police Department (claimed passed)

Bring the documents stated in Point 3 for same day conversion.
Tips: Bring everything on that day & get your finger cross that you pass the test, then you can convert the licence immediately, but do spare another 2-3 hours queuing for the conversion in Traffic Police Department Service Counter.

Do I have to fill up anything while waiting for the queue?
Yes, request for the “Application For A Driving Licence To Drive” form in Pink.
Request for the pink form before your turn.

  1. Fill up the pink form “Application For A Driving Licence To Drive”
  2. SGD 50 by
    • Nets Or
    • Cash card Only
  3. Once completed the above, you have to attend a compulsory 10 Minutes safety video class. This is the schedule of the safety video in CDCcdc-safety-video-schedule.jpg

6. License will be mailed to you

Pass the document back to officer once you finish the safety video and
lastly, you will get this in return.
Confirmation Licence Conversion

7. Q&A

Q1: Can I convert my licence on the same day I passed the test?
A1: Yes, you have to make sure that you bring all the required documents.

Q2: Can I convert my licence in another location? (e.g. I take the test in SSDC and convert my licence in CDC?)
A2: Yes as the conversion is processed by Traffic Police Department and not  the Driving Centre.

Q3: Can I get the Driving extracts from JPJ at UTC?
A3: No, it requires an officer signature, they don’t have the authorised personnel there.

Q4: Is PR Entry Permit same as PR Re-entry Permit?
A4: No, Entry Permit is obtained upon getting your PR, your photo is printed on it.
Whereas Re-entry Permit can be re-printed via eREP @ ICA online

Q5: I misplaced / lost my PR Entry Permit, can I re-print it?
A5: No, you need to lodge a police report (saying that “lost entry permit”), and get a verification letter (which is equivalent to your entry permit) from ICA

Q6: Is there a photocopy service near driving centre?
A6: Yes but is either far / expensive, kindly take it seriously to complete the checklist before going there. A few recommendations if you are looking for one.
Near CDC photocopy: (190m) Xerox Press
Near SSDC photocopy: (800m) Jie Jie Trading
Never been to the following, search through web, give me an update if photocopy service is available there, those are nearer options.
Near SSDC photocopy:(300m) Techie Print Pte. Ltd. 
Near SSDC photocopy:(650m) 6999
Near BBDC photocopy: (400M) Printmania Pte. Ltd.


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