Part A: Rough Budget – EUROPE Trip – 11 Countries (21 Cities) – 45days – SG$6000

Lets plan the journey!

We spent 6 months’ Saturday (24 days) to plan the trip and split it to four parts to complete the Itinerary.
A. Rough budget – your affordable budget and leaves
B. Travel date and destination – availability and country to visit
C. Accommodation and Transport – stay and move between city
D. Rigid Budget and Visit spot – remaining budget (from A,B,C) to plan for attraction, transport and food

A: Identify your rough budget

Rough budget is a capping for you to work on subsequent steps and stick within budget, meant to define how many days and place to visit and work around the budget to get what you want.
The below 2 methods lead you a great idea on how much you will be spending.

I: Work from the affordable budget
Ask yourself, what is the affordable cost for your trip?It can be based on:-
-Past experience, e.g. Spent $2K for 7 days to Japan
-Agent tour, e.g. $3Kfor 10 days to Taiwan
With the above, you will have a rough estimation to work out the rough budget.
Otherwise, you may follow my plan as a reference.
SG$5,000 per person:- (My initial budget range is  set at SG$5-6K, end result shows that we spent SG$6K/person) cost includes
-Flights and intercity transfer
-Logging or accommodation
-Local transportation
-Attraction admission fee
-Meal expenses
*Shopping at your own cost
(If you want only focus in only Europe Countries, the spending is around SG$4.5K per person)

For 9 Europe Countries (13 Cities), UK (3 Cities), Scotland (5 Cities)

  1. France – Paris
  2. Belgian – Brussels
  3. Holland – Amsterdam, Rotterdam
  4. Germany – Bremen, Berlin
  5. Czech Republic – Prague
  6. Hungary – Budapest
  7. Greece – Santorini
  8. Italy – Milan, Venice, Rome
  9. Spain – Barcelona
  10. UK – Sheffield, York, London
  11. Scotland – Edinburgh, Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, Inverness, John o’ Groats

II: Work from the affordable leaves
If I applies 3 week leaves, how can I get the idea on how much will I spent?It can be drafted based on the below formula. (Please download the Excel file -> Rough budget.xlsx)

  1. Flight
  2. Day of stay – Logging or accommodation
  3. Spending
    -Local transportation
    -Attraction admission fee
    -Meal expenses
  4. Intercity transfer

You might have a lot of questions why this number, why that number? All these questions will be answered and described in the later posts.

Make this a Live document, edit whenever is needed or has more concrete plan.

Below is a snapshot of the Excel, please take note on how to use and read the file.
Rough budget
The BLUE, your action is required to complete it initially to quickly get budget.
E.g. For spending in Europe (Spend Eu), we set 11 days staying in Europe and to spend EU$60 per day, but some countries, we are unable to find cheap food in the country, that is why we have the separate spending for those countries (Spend Switz), where we set it as EU$100 per day.

E.g. For UK to Holland, if we purchased a return ticket to London, and our first stop is at Holland, then we are doing a transit, so immediately we can determine the spending cost for the transit, and EU$100 per pax for budget airlines should be enough (check-in luggage included).

So from the above example, we set SG$3.6K per pax for 3 weeks trip.

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