Part B: Date & Place – EUROPE Trip – 11 Countries (21 Cities) – 45days – SG$6000

We love Spring and Autumn

A. Rough budget – your affordable budget and leaves
B. Travel date and destination – availability and country to visit
C. Accommodation and Transport – stay and move between city
D. Rigid Budget and Visit spot – remaining budget (from A,B,C) to plan for attraction, transport and food

B: Identify the date and country to travel

Get the right travel date and route helps to save big money and shorten your intercity travel time! The following steps guide you achieving that.

  1. Set date and duration
    Sometime is really hard to take leave, but this journey is worth to try once in your life time, plan at least a 3 weeks leave will be the best.
    After decided how many day leaves, plan the date. We love Spring and Autumn, Winter is too cold, Summer is too crowded. So our suggestion will be somewhere in April-June,  mid Sept- mid November.

    Make sure you commit to the date, no excuses!

  2. Set destination – not sure where to go?
    Grab any tour plan, route or guide from agency on NATAS Travel fair or MATTA fair etc., get an  idea where to go. Understand the geography, write down the countries/ places where you want to go, (We pick Paris, Hungary, Santorini as wishlist) and determine the start and end city (We arrive and depart at London).
    The following was our planned route.
    Square:wishlist, Line:route from point to point
    Create your own working file –> (Travel Map.docx)

    We encourage friends like you to make their own trip. Create the unique trip that make it an amazing journey.

  3. Purchase flight ticket.
    Buying return tickets (Start and End at the same location) help to save money. Observe flight tickets and trends, subscribe airlines newsletter is a good way to receive sales/promotion information.
    (For return tickets to London, buy far in advance to get a better deal, e.g. SG$900/pax by MAS, SG$1,100/pax by SIA all-in, shall not proceed if all-in amount more than SG$1,200/pax)

    Long-haul flight is cheaper for return tickets while domestic/intercity is cheaper for one-way.

  4. Set day of stay per city/country
    Do not be too ambitious to visit the world in 3 weeks, determine day of stay per city/country. Give some buffer for travel, only count full day as the day of visit, assume the day of travel is unable to visit any attraction.
    (When we travel from London to Paris by night bus, we suppose to arrive in the morning and check-in around 9:00 AM, but due to late arrival, we missed the chance to meet up with owner causing us check-in at 1:00 PM which eventually missed half-day activity)Please see our plan for reference:
    City:night(s) of stay
  • Paris:3
  • Brussels:0 (pass by and move on)
  • Amsterdam:4
  • Rotterdam:0 (day trip)
  • Bremen:2
  • Berlin:1
  • Prague:2
  • Budapest:2
  • Santorini:4
  • Milan:1
  • Venice:2
  • Rome:3
  • Barcelona:4
  • Sheffield:7 (Attending friend graduation)
  • York:0 (day trip)
  • Edinburgh:1
  • Inverness:2
  • Perth:1
  • London:4

Grab the chance during sales/promotion and buy the flight ticket before move to the next page.

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