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One Big Event in Life: ROM


This post has what you want if you are looking for

  • A complete planning guide (& budget needed) for Registration of Marriage (ROM)
  • Making a ROM different from mainstream
  • Denim vintage theme ROM
  • Malaysian ROM in Singapore


Looking for a customize ROM and want to trying something away from mainstream, you can do it even with limited $$ to make it special?

Let’s look at our ROM process and how we have done it differently, of course also share with you total spending (in Singapore) for easy reference or benchmark.

Step to the big event:-

  1. Planning
  2. Spending
  1. Planning

    Congratulation to both of you and this is the greatest news ever when both of you agree to hold each other and sign the marriage. But every start has this question “what is next, and what we have missed out?”

    1. Confirm the date for ROM
      • Legally have to apply 21 calendar days before the actual ROM
      • Suggest to plan 3 months in advance to reserve the slot and hold it within Registry of Marriages
    2. Personalize your ROM – Define a theme
      • Think of what both of you like, how or where both of you started, impressed, or something memorable.
      • Our theme is Denim and Vintage, my wife love vintage and she can totally visualize what and how the denim style should looks like. You can see from the photo, we are both satisfied with the outcome. If you have a theme but cannot visualize the fashion outcome, you can try to get some inspiration in Bugis Street and TaoBao, mass variety and pictures to trigger your fashion sense.
    3. Confirm the venue
      • Do it within Registry of Marriages or outside
      • A venue must be confirmed to make an appointment (9.)
        We start to search by

        1. Determine number of participants, this affects the venue size. We are only invites close friends for more interaction. So we did a close session with 10 other friends.
          If you have 20-30 pax, you may look for garden party as well.
        2. Select cuisine. If you have no preference, just skip this. We are going Vintage, so we drill down to Ang Mo cuisine.
        3. Allocate a budget. After some surveys,  and quotation from Skyve, Blisshouse, Dazzling cafe, Annanoitte palais residence and OCF, we realized roughly SGD1k is needed (~100$ per pax), and the budget seems reasonable for us, so define your own budget.
        4. Other venue suggestion: Own house, hotel, chalet and community centre with catering, Chinese restaurant like Tong Lok (may need to check where can you conduct the solemnization ceremony to avoid any interruption). Things to check for quotation
          • Max venue capacity
          • Accessibility
          • Spot to conduct the solemnization ceremony (Setting and decoration provided?)
          • Food menu
          • Allows DIY decoration?
        5. So we have decided to run the event at OCF
          • Nice French restaurant
          • Good services
          • Decent food, special menu for the event
          • Wise range of wines
          • Nice people to deal with, they closely follow up on about your event and accommodate as much as they can.
          • Downside, you need to do your own decoration, but they allow you to DIY without damaging that historical building.
          • Definitely highly recommended. Check this out for more info – We booked the private room which accommodates max 13 pax, if you have bigger group, may consider having the event on the main area. This was the main area where we took the photo.
      • The confirmation of the venue will help you on searching JP
    4. Find 2 witnesses
      • Anyone above the age of 21 years old. They can be your friends, colleagues, family members or relatives.
        We have my P1 schoolmate and his wife to be our witnesses, we are glad to have their blessing and the little one. 😀
      • They can be foreigners
      • They can even have same gender
    5. Find a JP* (Justice of Peace/Solemnizer)
      Our JP, Mr. Tan Kian Choon

      • Complete JP list can be found in here (, they are all licensed JP. They are volunteers, please be nice to them when contacting them, is not a must to help you anyway.
      • Consideration during JP selection (Read some blogs, get feedback from the past)
        Keyword in google: recommended Solemnizer Singapore
        Result:,, etc.

        1. Location: Where you are going to host it may affect the response of the JP.
        2. Fame/popularity: You may want to get a JP that solemnized Fann Wong wedding (e.g. Chiang Heng Liang), depends on what you want.
        3. Language conduct: We want a JP that conducts in Cantonese (how cool can that be right? Macam watching Hong Kong drama. LOL)
        4. Age: I got this concern brought up by my colleague that he said sometimes elderly tend to forget stuffs, a blog shared that the invited JP missed the event and become a No Show case. But our point of view is that, you must take the ownership for your own event. You may need to remind the JP more prompt than what Registry of Marriage has stated (send a reminder 3 days before the event). Just keep good and close contact with JP, maintain a good relationship, it helps the JP to understand you more as well.
    6. Get License ID
      License ID: needed to file a notice for your ROM
      License expiring: If you are lucky enough like us, you may encounter this where great feedback Solemnizer has his License expired just right before our ROM date.
      Our JP only give us the License ID after the meet up, but if you got the License ID by the Solemnizer you approached, then you can already file the notice for ROM.
    7. Meet up with JP
      A Soleminzer consent form ( is needed to be signed by the JP and both couple. For our case, we meet up the JP (Mr. Tan Kian Choon) in Upper Thomson Plaza to have a great chat and signing 2 consent form (1 copy for himself to keep)
    8. Other matters
      JP is not charging any service fee, but there is a practice here to give an Ang Pao (red packet) as a form of appreciation.
      Most of the JP (from blogs even our JP) will usually not joining the banquet after the solemnization ceremony is over. But my recommendation is to invite the JP upfront to the banquet to avoid mis-communication and reserve a seat for him/her if necessary.
      You may change the Soleminization with a prescribed fee payable for the change.(
    9. Make an appointment/ File a notice with the Registry of Marriages
      Tick the box for attending the complementary Marriage Preparation Program
    10. Buy a wedding band
    11. Collect document from the Registry of Marriages
    12. Contact JP 3 days before event
    13. Attend a Marriage Preparation Program (can be any time before/ after ROM)
      We have just attended one class, we still have 3 classes to go. We will share more after the class. We are attending to the MPP organized by TOUCH Community Service. (More info – There are a lot more similar courses out there (see full list here, even the Registry of Marriage provides a 2 hours complementary course for you to sign-up (9.)
    14. Report yourself after the ROM to Malaysia High Commission (link for Non-Muslim Malaysian only) in Singapore
      1. Fill up Application form JPN.KC 06 with BLOCK letter and black ink pen
      2. Report within 6 months, otherwise will be a monetory penalty
      3. Please take note and prepare all required documents.
      4. Submit to High Commission of Malaysia, address
        301, Jervois Road, Singapore 249077

*JP: Justice of Peace/ licensed solemnizer is a judicial officer appointed by means of a commission to keep the peace. They are volunteer to witness and guide you through the ROM.


Our Story: 118, our lucky number.

I had my marriage proposal and she said “Yes!” on 11/06/2016 (we dated for 118 months) and we decided to have our ROM on 11/08/2016 (10 years anniversary), which we left 2 months for the ROM preparation.

The ROM date is full booked!

So, right after the proposal, we had a great chat and agreed to do the ROM on 11/8/16, and we run through the Registry of Marriage website (, fill up the information, and when come to the booking date, realized the 11/08/16 slot is gray off.

First thought: Oh no, we cannot get marry on that day! But we got advised from the Registry of Marriage that the slot is fully booked for hosting the ROM within the Registry of Marriage office (7 Canning Rise, S179869), but we can still host the event at any other venue at any time (this is applicable to host the ROM on weekend or public holiday).

Process of file a notice of ROM is straight forward

  1. Get your NRIC/Passport ready
  2. Find 2 witness (Above 21 years old)
  3. Find JP License ID
  4. Fill in the rest of the information

The tricky part has just started. If about the seeking of venue and buying the necessity.
We slowly ran through the list one by one stated on the Planning part, and the following is all we spent.

  1. Spending

We are running out of time (2 months is just too rush to grab the ROM reserved), so we have to incur a lot of unnecessary cost.
The following Spending table was the total cost we had spent.
The Outside ROM venue cost (*OVC) is an indicator if you are running the ROM within the Registry of Marriage office. On the other words, you will saved the OVC.

No Tasks SGD Information
1 ROM Registration Fee 26 One-time fee, no hidden cost
2 JP Ang Pao (Optional) 88 Colleagues around me said 88 is market price. JPs are all volunteer, if you know what I meant.
3 Hand Bouquet 100 We had a nice Sunflower crossover Roses hand bouquet, got it from a florist at Upper Serangoon Plaza
4 Decoration & Visitor (*OVC) gifts

·       Daiso

·       TaoBao

·       Others





Our theme is Vintage, you can get a lot of cheap yet good vintage items at TaoBao, you can combine delivery and send goods via PopStation, very efficient, spare 2 weeks to be safe to receive all goods. (I can share more on TaoBao process CN-SG if needed, feel free to comment)
5 Dining (*OVC) 1035 We have a lunch at OCF Restaurant @ Old Parliament house, a private room for 12 pax. 1k SGD is minimum spending for a lot of the restaurant if you are hosting ROM. We had fine dining 3 course lunch menu & 3 bottle of wines.

See the background, just so nice even without decoration.p1010170

6 Makeup & Hairdo 250 Standard ROM price is around $200 exclude travel. We picked Sherry, she is a nice person.

Sherry-SGporean @BotanicGarden – She is pretty good in hairdo

Stella-Hongkee @TanjungPagar – She can do waterproof makeup

Zencreation-do model makeup, more commercialize @JurongEast

7 Dress

·       TaoBao

·       dCorselet

·       Suspender

·       Tie






Our theme is Denim

We bought the Tulle skirt, good quality, and we got the Denim Corset at dCorselet@Far East Plaza, they are selling really wide range of corset, we would said this is one of the best corset shop in Singapore

8 Wedding Band Varies I do not want to set a budget here, it can be from grass ring (0$) to Cartier platinum ring (4k$). Good luck.
9 Others (For ourselves)

·       Boots and Laces

·       Marriage Prep Program (*OVC)




There is a free 2 hours Marriage preparation course provided by Registry of Marriage, but we ticked No Thanks.

But the course we are attending is a more in-depth and details course that runs for 2hours per week for a month. So it depends what you want.

*OVC: Outside ROM venue cost – if you secured a reservation and run the event within Registry of Marriage in Singapore, you may not need to spend this cost.

In total, we have spent >SGD2k, where if you do it within Registry of Marriage, you will probably spend <=SGD1k for the ROM, then set aside those budget for more dining choices or on the dressing.

Please drop a message if you would like to know more about us or how does the event went.


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  1. Once a little boy asked his father: “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?” Father replied: “I don’t know son, because I’m still paying.”


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