Road Trip – Germany (S$1400 x 10 nights)

This time, we did a road trip to Germany and spent 8 Nights doing a road trip.

The following are some highlights on how we spent the $1400.
Total Spent (Exclude Flight): S$2799 for 2
*Exchange Rate:
Car Rental + Fuel: 751 +  325 = S$1076 (for 8 days, we do not rent a car for Hamburg)
Accommodation: S$ 549 (for 7 days and a free stay in Hamburg & Bremen)
Admission, Food & Other expenses: S$1174

Germany, the big brother in Europe, good and stable economy and leading in technology industries. A lot of famous car brands are from Germany such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche etc.

This make us decided to rent a fullsized 3-series (Sedan;FDMR) for the trip. (It can be Mercedes, BMW or any similar models, depends on your luck). During the pick-up, I had a choice of Mercedes CLK or BMW 320, so I have decided to take a BMW ride, and the experience is awesome! We will come back to this topic in awhile.

Road Trip Germany

Where we covered?

  1. Hamburg (2N)
  2. Bremen (1N)
  3. Cologne (1N)
  4. Lorelei (Drop-by)
  5. Black Forest (2N)
  6. Austria: 30 mins from castle (1N)
  7. Munich (2N)
  8. Romantic Street (Drop-by)
  9. Hanover (1N)

We did not cover Berlin because we were there during last Europe Trip (see another post), so we start from Hamburg and drive towards the South.

No Speed Limit

A good car can really show it’s Ohm, it’s power in Germany because of the Autobahn (the expressway/highway in Germany), once you get out to the Autobahn, there is no speed limit, unless there is a road construction or getting closer to the next big city exit.

The white sign with 5 black slashes is the “No Speed Limit” sign at Autobahn.
But please take note, if you see this sign between towns/neighbourhoods (rural roads), it does not meant “no speed limit”, but capped at 100 km/h. (You can find this in Wikipedia-Autobahn under the German reunification section).

How do I know about the capping? Because I drove BMW with it’s integrated GPS system.
Back to the topic, besides of having a great performance car (we got the BMW 320i) to drive like Fast and Furious (people still overtake me when I was driving 200 km/h T_T), I am glad that I had rented a higher spec car too, one of the main factor is that the system always notify me on the speed limit on the dashboard apart from the GPS navigation. We are not familiar with the rules, and often disregards the speed limit in town (all towns capped the speed limit at 30-50 km/h and there are traffic cameras everywhere).

Petrol or Diesel?

*For your reference, Petrol refers to Petrol fuel, Benzin, Gas or Gasoline.

We have so much fun travelling to different cities and passing through a lot of small ally and towns, one of the concern might be petrol. How much is the petrol there?

During our travel, the petrol price was in between €1.29-€1.33 (Station at Autobahn can spike up to €1.49) per litre (Super E10, cheapest among different petrol types in a station).
We spent €205 (S$325) in total trip for 2589kms which is in average, 12.6km/€.

And for Diesel, it is cheaper in €1.13/litre (12-13% cheaper than petrol), so assume we will spend (€205-13%) €178.4, which save us €26.6 with Diesel for 8 days.
But the downside, we have to top-up roughly €5 per day to guarantee a Diesel car which added up to €40 for 8 days , which meant you are paying much more upfront.
In other words, if you are travelling >5k kms in 8days (or do your own math) , then it might be worth getting a Diesel car.

Car Insurance?

Yes! I will highly recommend to opt-in for at least the full excess of Lost and Damage waiver (€15-€22/day), that what’s makes the rental become higher, but it save me from a lot of hassles. You do not need to be worry on the car being stolen, or any narrow road and parking, but we still drive carefully, be a responsible road user who care about others.

1. Petrol car is fine for 1-2 weeks trip, a Diesel car will be bonus.
2. Try to avoid refill petrol at Autobahn
3. Higher spec and performance car is recommended (Germany local brand, so is cheaper to rent them than in other countries)
4. Get full excess Lost and Damage insurance, protect you from car being stolen, any scratch attempts, or accidents.

On the other hand, to summarise on transportation expenses, in S$, we rented the car + petrol with the total S$1076 (751 +  325), so in average, we spent S$134.5/day (94 + 40.5) with BMW.

This is the buddy that travel with us.img_2118-1

Up coming next, we share about the trip to South Germany from Hamburg to Munich and back to Hanover as the last stop. Don’t hesitate to comment or follow my post for more interesting journey.



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