Part C2: Move – EUROPE Trip – 11 Countries (21 Cities) – 45days – SG$6000

Follow the local pace!

A. Rough budget – your affordable budget and leaves
B. Travel date and destination – availability and country to visit
C. Accommodation and Transport – stay and move between city
D. Rigid Budget and Visit spot – remaining budget (from A,B,C) to plan for attraction, transport and food

C2: Confirm transportation

You should have already booked the flight ticket by now!
Otherwise, please feedback to me on what I have missed.

Transport: What are choices of travel intercity can be the cheapest, fastest and with best experience? Should you travel by bus, train or flight? Should you travel during the day or night?
Some questions helping you select the right method of transportation.

  1. Have you gotten Eurail-Pass?
    If YES, maximize the pass usage, often travel by trains.
    (Note: Something to take note, check this out, Eurail-Pass FAQ-Coming soon)
    If NO, you have more flexible options during the travel (this was the way we travelled).
    But if the price is affordable, no harm getting an Eurail-Pass, the authority provides a lot of travel options, simply by saying, the more you travel, the more you save. It is cheaper if you are below certain age or 2 of you travel together (couple saver).
  2. How far between 2 cities?
    If the travel duration more than 8 hours, night trip is a good option.
    If you prefer to travel on the day, search for budget airlines, sometimes that price is supremely cheap and affordable (Note: Please read Check-in luggage guide for backpackers – Coming Soon).
  3. View?
    Travel by flight or night trip usually you got no view, considering daytime travel by bus or train for great scenery and a more relax journey.
  4. Vitality?
    Sometimes night bus/train can be tiring (need to be alert of your own belongings), if you not used stay awake/ only have some naps at night where you need to keep active the next day, better to travel during daytime.
  5. Bus, train, night Bus, night Train, Flight, which one is the cheapest and best?
    After considered all the above factors, next is to put in some preferred transportation in your list. You may see my route for reference.
    Create your own working file –> (Travel Map.docx)
    Transport Map
    Preferred transportation is not final, but setting a good benchmark for yourself during price comparison.
    -Mostly the cheapest among all other transportation
    -Usually travel duration longer than all other transportation.
    -Some of the service has free Wi-Fi.
    -Europe budget buses are usually 4 seats a row (unlike Singapore/Malaysia VVIP bus, 3 seats a row), applies to night bus too, so you can roughly imagine how comfort it can be.
    -Additional fees apply to night bus service.
    -May get some reasonable fare during off peak (e.g. weekday non-going to work hour).
    -Decent travel duration for big cities. Sometimes might need to transit, hopping to a few trains, just remember to take note on the stated platform in your on-line ticket will be fine.
    -On-Time, so no issue with train-train transit.
    -Some of the service has free Wi-Fi.
    -All 2nd Class is 4 seats in a row, limited luggage space. (I have no chance trying 1st Class, cannot comment on it), comfortable seats.
    -Additional fees apply to night train service.
    -May be compete-able with Train fares.
    -Best for shorten long distance travel.
    -Might have some delays sometimes. Consider the risk if you have a back to back transfer.
    -No Wi-Fi.
    -Budget flight like RyanAir will usually has 6 seats in a row, AirAsia equivalent.

Try to reserve the trip 2 months in advance, but not too worry, you will still get some reasonable bus and train fares even 2 weeks before travel. Straight away reserve the tickets once you have confirmed the accommodation.
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