Part C1: Stay – EUROPE Trip – 11 Countries (21 Cities) – 45days – SG$6000

Smell the local air!

A. Rough budget – your affordable budget and leaves
B. Travel date and destination – availability and country to visit
C. Accommodation and Transport – stay and move between city
D. Rigid Budget and Visit spot – remaining budget (from A,B,C) to plan for attraction, transport and food

C1: Book accommodation

You should have already booked the flight ticket by now!
Otherwise, please feedback to me on what I have missed.

Lets get your transportation and accommodation booked and confirmed. You may need to repeat checking and booking the transportation and logging or do it concurrently.

Accommodation: What are the types of logging? dorm, homestay, boutique hotel, hotel? Which area should you stay?
Some questions helping you select the right accommodation.

  1. What is the budget of your stay?
    Give an affordable budget of every stay, imagine if you are visiting Asia country, what is the budget you would like to spend for accommodation per person per day.
    (We target to spend SG$60/day/room in Europe, so in 26 days stay, we have SG$1,560 for workaround the loggings)
  2. What is the purpose of your stay?
    If it is only for the few hours sleep, dorm is a good option.
    If you have privacy concern, please pick home stay or hotel.
    If it is for your honeymoon or celebration, hotel will be.
  3. Are you familiar with the place? (Assuming you are first time traveller)
    If you have not done any research, not getting any advise from colleague or friend, then safest to stay closer to the metro (subway,underground,monorail,rail,MRT whatever it may be called)
    If you understand hows the public transport works there, then stay wherever you like, because usually the close you stayed near to metro, the more expensive the room fare will be.

Aside from Santorini, Greece where they only have hotels, we mostly stay in homestay private room. We like homestay because:

  • A true feeling of local culture and living style
  • A kitchen for cooking – save us big money!IMG_7872
  • Meeting up with owner, the local, and makes new friends around the world.
  • Huge logging price range for us to select.
  • Full of surprises unlike hotel, is always standard.

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