To save your time, please take a moment to read before reading other posts.

Life is short, with Internet, we can get all the information easily, yet a lot of details/non-generic/step by step information are missing.

Spring Onion Oil shares Life experience and specific knowledge where it might be helpful by giving tips and tricks to you to save money and time for a better Life.

From Travel info, How To… until New Age knowledge will be shared here, is acts like an open-source of my diary, but in a more useful and informative way for better reading experience.

For Travel

We have done all our journey by free and easy and backpacks instead of guided tour.

Guided Tour (a duck tour)
-Basically you are buying time to see the world by doing this:
wake up, eat, bus, attraction, bus, shopping, bus, eat ,sleep.
-Stay in the hotel that the interior is almost the same around the world
Backpack (follow your own way)
-Without any restriction, go wherever you want, try whatever you like.
-Chance to stay in guest house/ home stay to feel their life.

5 Types of travel experiences
: You have list of sport activities to go (mountain, snow, water sports etc.)
Shopping: The trip has a lot of shopping and very limited sight seeing. (Remember to get your credit card’s “oversea magnetic stripes” enabled!)
Sightseeing: a lot attraction, visiting building and street, very little shopping.
Leisure: Feeling the local lifestyle, visiting attraction, building and street with a slower pace.
Clueless: Know nothing about this place, just heard that “This is a very nice and must visit place”. Plan the day on the spot.

Our trip style is between Leisure and Clueless, we emphasis on a relaxing trip and not constraint by time or attraction.

For How To…

Often there are a lot of challenges to execute an event, to build a blog etc. Too much generic information on the internet, and not step by step.

I live in Singapore, when I went through something interesting, I will share it here with guidance for your reference.

For New Age

I am interested and open minded to all of new theories, either new age, science, fiction etc. But I will go a lot in depth with related to New Age theories, so I will share something new here for what I have learned.


So if this is also what you want, it will be a lot of fun reading and we invite you to browse through the blog.

Getting up fresh and make our day, getting tired and call it a day

Walking in Venice




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