Asian to EUROPE 1st Time Traveller Guide

I was travelling to Europe with Su (ma love) last October, and we are here to share with all my friends and you on what and how we did it!

This was our first time travel to Europe, so we will be able to share with you the planning from scratch to avoid some of the mistake that we had made.

Stick to the defined budget. Is alright for good/bad things to happen, but experience is priceless, just enjoy the journey.

Why this blog?

  • Best for 1st time Asian budget traveller
  • Main for backpackers
  • Couple travel in the Autumn/Fall
  • We spent 1.5 mths(45 days) to 11 Countries, 17 Cities by SG$6,000/person (average SG$2,000 per 15 days)
  • Expenses includes air tickets, intercity transfer, logging, attraction admission fee, transport and food

What is in these Europe Trip posts.

  • End to end planning to travel Europe
  • Backpacker preparation
  • Itinerary
  • Things to note during travel
  • My travel Experience


We plan the end to end Europe trip in 4 stages.
A. Rough budget – your affordable budget and leaves
B. Travel date and destination – availability and country to visit
C. Accommodation and Transport – stay and move between city
D. Rigid Budget and Visit spot – remaining budget (from A,B,C) to plan for attraction, transport and food

Click to start planning the journey!


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